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Dubai, UAE, Burj Dubai, Burj Khalifah,


Dubai the Arab Dream Burj Al Arab Inside Inside Burj Al Arab Hotel

On the east of the Arab desert is Dubai the city of wonders where the beauty of architecture and the ingenuity of man meet the beauty of nature. Powered by the economic benefits of the oil and gas industry in the Arab gulf the United Arab Emirate’s City of Dubai used that power to fuel its ambition to be one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the whole wide world.


Dubai Girl

Dubai people keep their culture and traditions even though thy mix with many people from around the world

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates the state on the south west of the Arabian Gulf. One of the things that are well known about Dubai is that the majority of its inhabitants are not from Dubai itself in fact they are not Arabs at all rather they are from all over the world. I personally have seen many people from India , Pakistan and The Philippines all over the city while there is a minority of Arabs you can accidentally see someone which driving your car in the big wide roads. The majority of the people in Dubai take Islam as a religion and there is high tolerance for the other religions in the city and in the country in general.

Dubai Beach

Burj Al Arab Hotel

In Dubai as in most of the Arab Gulf states you can find many cuisines from the Indian kitchen to the Chinese to the Arab and even Latin American cuisines and there is lots of places for going out and many restaurants especially in the malls where people do most of their outings as the weather of the city is not that nice for outdoor outings.


Anara Tower Dubai

Anara Tower

Dubai is well known for its modern new buildings with the wonderful modern architecture that stuns the viewer from the world’s tallest building to the Burj Al Arab tower to the amazing Atlantis hotel the city gives an example of how modernity can meet originality and create wonderful state of the art reality. Being a new city gives Dubai the opportunity to sum all the best ideas from all around the world and implement it in the city while expanding and growing rapidly while the city increases its population and its ability to function.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai is famous for its beautiful water fountains

The Tallest Building in the World

Burj Khalifah

Burj Khalifah in the heart of Dubai is now the world’s tallest building with 200 floors and 828 meters high. The tower was named “Burj Dubai” and it was opened on the 4th of January 2010 in a wonderful opening ceremony that had been watched by the whole wide world.

Burj Khalifah

The tower was renamed on that day with the name of the president of the UAE Sheikh “Khalifah” and some say this was a tribute to the president of the UAE who is also the president of the oil rich Abu Dhabi emirate for standing by Dubai in its debts crisis.

Burj Dubai

Burj Khalifah at Night

Oil Industry Although in the beginning of the construction of the city Dubai used to depend on the income of the Oil and gas industries today the oil and gas contribute with not more than 6% of the emirate economy. The state company that works in field discovery is Dubai Petroleum that was established in 1963 by the state. Dubai managed in the past decades to diversify its income resources using trade, construction and services with India as its biggest trade partner and source of labor.


The city is also well known for its big and wonderful malls that contains shops and brands from all around the world and has the best names in fashion and design. In fact the city was called “The Shopping Mall of the Middle East” with over 70 malls including Dubai mall the seventh largest mall in the world. My favorite mall was the Emirates mall with its beautiful dancing fountain which I enjoyed watching on the music of Mission Impossible. It is such a beautiful experience to start your shopping with. Some of the malls in Dubai Include: The Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, Al Ghurair Mall, and Dubai Marina Mall.

Beside the malls Dubai is known for its souks or the old traditional shopping streets that sell traditional goods and herbs and have restaurants with the traditional Arab decoration and food.


Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Swimming with the Sharks

The beautiful malls and the souks are the main attractions for tourists from all around the world to come and visit Dubai especially in its annual Dubai Shopping Festival. On 2007 Dubai was recognized to be the eighth visited city worldwide. For that Dubai has some of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels and also some of the most expensive ones.

Atlantis Hotel Dubai Atlantis Mall

Atlantis Hotel

Cost of Living

As you can expect Dubai as in many other gulf area cities is not a cheap place to live in especially when it comes to home rent you can expect to be paying a good sum of money so if you are planning to move into Dubai and work there you better check the rent rates and get the salary that will cover your rental and your needs such as car or school fees for your kids (which is also very high). Currently the UAE Dirham which is the currency in the UAE is worth 0.285$ and for a decent 2 bedrooms apartment you can expect to be paying like 8000 UAE Dirham per month so you need to take that in consideration or let the company hiring you bring you a suitable accommodation.

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro at night


Dubai Bus Station

Air conditioned Bus Stations

Dubai has a very hot weather especially in the summer where the temperature with an average of 40 °C (104 °F) in the summer and what makes the feeling of heat worse is the humidity which is very high most of the days. If you are from a country that is usually cold you better take some precautions before walking in the streets of Dubai (Usually people do not walk there) like taking a glass of water with you and wearing a hat to prevent dehydration. Most places in Dubai are air conditioned so you do not need to worry about the weather indoors. Also the weather is generally dry with few rains although it has been increasing over the last years.

Candle In the Wind

Candle in the Wind



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