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GizaThe Great Pyramids of Giza

Egypt is the oldest country in the world with a history of over 7000 years Egypt takes the position of being the first country that was ever established with a unique and amazing civilization that lasted for thousands of years. The Egyptian civilization was established based on farming and construction. The black land around the river Nile provided a great chance for Egyptians to master the art of planting and agriculture. The black land of Egypt is said it is the reason it was named “Egypt” which is traced  back to the ancient Greek and it means the black land.

Abu SimpleAbu Simbel Temple

The Nile which is a the longest river in the world is the gift of God to Egypt because if there was no Nile, Egypt wouldn’t have exist because of the desert nature of the land in the north of Africa. It is said that The Egyptians are the first ones to discover agriculture and to develop land in societies and form cities in history. The agriculture of Egypt provided sustainable resource for food and means for the country to go on and develop its scientific and technological aspects while other nations around were depending on more primitive ways of survival such as hunting, collecting food and grazing animals.

Abu simpleAbu Simbel Temple

The most famous and important monuments in the Egyptian history are the pyramids of Giza, the pyramids of Giza were built around 2000 years before Christ. The biggest and the first pyramid was built by Khofo, the second one by his son Khafra and the third one by his grand son Mankaura. Unlike most of the people think these are not the only pyramids in Egypt . In fact there are over 100 pyramids in Egypt varying in size and shape and scattered around Egyptian land. Pyramids were to be believed as the path of immortality for the ancient Egyptians and that is why every Pharaoh was keen to build his own pyramid and to be buried there with his treasures and tools to guarantee a better life in the other world.

AswanThe Nile in Aswan

Being the oldest country in the world Egypt enjoy the history of almost every major civilization on earth. during the 7000 years history Egypt was part of or had to deal with all other civilization and because of the achievements of the ancient Egyptians it became the heart of the ancient world. From the pharaohs through Persians, Greek and roman Egypt was the common place between all of them and that is reflected on the variety of historical sites in Egypt and the richness of its culture.

colosiumRoman Monuments in Alexandria


Egypt is also known for its natural sight seeing places like the west desert and the red sea. Many people come every year from around the world to enjoy the nice weather and the scenes of mountains in the red sea and Sinai peninsula with the amazing nature of the deep sea and the colors of the fish and the life under water tourists enjoy diving there and in the last 30 years it became one of the worlds most famous recreational spots and it should be.




red seaEl Gouna

The Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With its crystal clear water and wonderful variety of shapes and colors of sea animals it makes a unique place for people who love diving for sport. This encouraged the government to invest heavily in the tourism industry in this area and now the red sea is the most heavily occupied touristic place in Egypt with tourists coming from inside Egypt and abroad.

red sea

The Red Sea

red sea

Beautiful Sea Life

Some of the most famous Red Sea cities are Hurgada and Sharm El Sheikh. The activities that tourists enjoy in these places are diving, fishing and safari. Lots of people also just come to enjoy the sea and beaches and the nice services provided by hotels.

red sea

The Red Sea is also known to be the connection between east and west carrying most of the world trade passing through its waters it makes it a strategic place to control. Geologically the red sea is a crack in the surface of earth which means that the sides of it are mountains. These mountains with the sea makes a magnificent view that can take your mind away.




Gouna Bay



Soma Bay

Soma Bay

Islamic Heritage

Islam came to Egypt few years after the death of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when it was time for great prosecution for the local Christian Egyptians from the foreign Christians from Rome. It was when the Muslims came to Egypt that they returned the Egyptian POP back from exile to Alexandria after he escaped to the desert fearing for his life and declared freedom of religion in Egypt. The first Building that the Muslim leader “Amro Ebn El As” has built was a church.


Muslims respected the Christian religion and the religion of the people where ever they went as was instructed by the prophet Muhammad when he prophesized the conquer of such countries after his death. Few years after the entry of Islam lots of Egyptian embraced the new religion which does no conflict with their own and now Islam is the Major religion in Egypt.

CairoOld Mosques in Cairo
khan el khaleely

Old Cairo Streets


Kaitbay Castel Alexandria

Modern Egypt


Alexandria Cornish

Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria


Cairo Nile

Today Egypt is one of the most big countries in the middle east with around 85 million people, it is the biggest population in the middle east. Most of Egyptians today are under the age of 15 which means this is a very young society. Although this sound something good for Egyptians but in fact this is a challenge because such young age of people need a lot of services and governmental organization which Egypt lacks.

Abdeen PalaceAbdeen Palace

One of the most challenges that face Egypt today is the quality of education, With around 39% of the population illiterate Egypt still has a lot to do for the education of the people. Another aspect of the problem is the inability for the private and government educational organization to provide a decent number of schools that serve the growing number of population. class rooms right now in some places in Egypt can have as much as 50 or 60 students which means that even that the provision of education is limited it is in a very low quality which is a real challenge the Egyptians will have to deal with.

Restaurant on the NileRestaurant on the Nile

CairoCairo Street

Azhar ParkView From Al Azhar Park


The challenge is that with the current low quality of education that Egypt has and with the degrading services provided for the people the outcome of such young population is not good as expected. Although rates of crimes are considerably low compared to other places in the world the rate of crimes in Egypt is increasing due to bad quality of education and very bad economical situation the country is living in in the last 40-50 years.

2.1255725866.sunset-on-cairo-streetCongestion is a common problem in Cairo

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e5540ab51e8834-800wi Egypt has a very high population growth rate

Muslims and Christians

Islam came to Egypt 1400 years ago and gradually Egyptians embraced Islam. Now most of the Egyptians are Muslims and the minority are orthodox Christians that make up to 8% of the Egyptian population. Although life between Muslims and Christians in general is traditionally peaceful and has mutual respect some of the problems sometimes appear on the surface and cause tension. Problems that might be true or that are because the influence of Christian Egyptians in the country and their seek to control. Problems happen when Christian women convert to Islam and Christians make demonstrations claiming that Muslims kidnap their women which is not true.

399px-Cairo,_Old_Cairo,_Hanging_Church,_Egypt,_Oct_2004The Hanging Church in Cairo

Christian Egyptians have other problems that they consider it a kind of discrimination while in fact this is a general attitude from the government to religions in general. one of the most common things Egyptian Christians mention is that they cannot build any church without the government approval and they do not mention that this is not only for Christians it also applies on mosques too. While they claim that they are being discriminated we can easily find that Egyptian Christians are the most wealthy in Egypt, the most educated, and the most influential group in Egyptian society.



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