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Muhammad Safwat - Page 2
  • Egyptian Presidential Race…The Final Battle for the Revolution

    The Egyptian presidential race is about to begin soon as the military counsel governing the country in the transitional period announced that it will deliver the power to the elected president on the first of July 2012. Currently government real estate offices are open for citizens who wish to make delegations to presidential candidates as…

  • Refreshing Facebook Cash of Shared Web Page

    If you are a blogger that likes to share his/her blogs on facebook like myself you can be annoyed with the fact that facebook cashes the description and image that is displayed when the user shares the post of your page. Facebook does that in order to make sharing contents faster but sometimes you change…

  • Two Turtles Mating in Doha Zoo

    Two Turtles Mating in Doha Zoo

    While walking in the zoo yesterday I shot thing strange video of two turtles mating and I thought to record this interesting scene.     Comments comments

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Three weeks ago I decided to get a new mobile because my old Nokia 6100 got really really old. So I went down to the mall and headed to Samsung store there and got one of the Samsung Galaxy S2 mobiles because I heard that androids are the best now in the…

  • Apple's new iPad

    The New iPad Announcements

    Yes it is true the new iPad is called just iPad, not iPad 3 or iPad HD or even iPad 3S wich really makes everything a bit messy like how you are going to say I have iPad, you know which one? iPad 2 will still be in sale with price drop of just $100…

  • Amazon Kindle Touch

    My New Kindle Touch

    One of the things that I find very beautiful in kindle is the ability to share excerpts from the documents you are reading on Facebook and Twitter just by moving your finger over the desired text ad highlighting it a new window will be displayed giving you the ability to share.

  • Why Egyptian Salesmen Don’t Sell

    I learned yesterday why Egyptians are not good sales people. I went yesterday to Nissan dealer here in Doha, Qatar because I’m looking to buy a car and I like Nissan and always have been driving Nissan.

  • Christmas Day in Qatar

    Christmas Day in Qatar

    I went today to the gym for like two hours, and as usual I went for like one hour on the treadmill and as I was running I was watching the TV. It was set on a Lebanese  channel which had “Christmas Carole”  movie which I love and used to bring tears to my eyes…

  • The Bride of the Nile

    The Bride of the Nile

    It is said that the ancient Egyptians were having some rituals regarding the Nile and irrigation. when the Nile was late in flooding they used to choose a girl with beauty and social status and they pay and compensate her father well. They prepare her and then they throw her in the Nile as a…

  • Clashes between Muslim and Christian families in Egyptian village after roamers of a relationship between Muslim girl and Christian boy

    This is something new Every now and then now clashes like this happen between Christians and Muslims for different reasons like this one or fight for lands and buildings of ever for the priority of irrigating most of this happens in upper Egypt in the country side. It did not use to happen before but…