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I spent the last year of my life working in this nice country of Qatar. Qatar is a small country that resides on the western side of the Arabian gulf as part of the Arabian peninsula. It is a member of the GCC countries which contains several other gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE.

A little bit of demographics

The majority of the people in Qatar are Muslims and the citizens speak Arabic, although English is a very wide spread language here because of the huge number of employees from Europe and North America. I found that Qatari people are very friendly and they embrace and most of the time they tolerate foreign visitors cultures while holding tight on their own. The only thing I take on Qataris is their driving behavior. They tend to drive fast most of the time powered by their huge 4X4 vehicle monsters they literally eat the road in front of you. unfortunately this leads to many accidents and loss of lives.

The population of Qatar is almost 1.3 million people most of them are not citizens (Around 350,000 only are considered to be citizens) and the rest are here to work. the majority of the foreigners here are from east Asia from countries like India and Pakistan.

Qatar Flag

Where do they get these big bucks from?

Previously known for the production of pearl and fishing as the main economical activities Qatar is now known to be rich with its oil and gas natural resources which make it one of the richest countries in the world with 100 billion USD each year income for only 350,000 citizens.

Qatar Gas for all the world

These huge amounts of natural gas and oil produced enable Qatar to have the money to build its modern society and to invest in the capital market all around the world.

Are you ready for a day out?

Qatar also have many sight seeing places and landmarks. A combination of modern architecture on the west bay and Islamic architecture gives Qatar a unique taste of art when it comes to visual pleasure. Places you do not want to miss when visiting Qatar include the Islamic Museum, The Pearl, West Bay, Sook Wakif, and Alfanar.

Qatar Castel

Except for the summer Qatar has excellent weather conditions most of the year with nice wind and winter that is not cold. In the summer the humidity reaches to a very high level specially in the night.
Pearl Qatar

Qatar has many malls and shopping places which are nice to buy stuff but it is not cheap compared to other countries. The most expensive thing in Qatar is rent. A 2 bedroom apartment in Qatar can be for $2000 a month or more depending on where you are living. Other places in Doha can have less rates but in general rent rates are high and that makes the inflation in the country high also.


Lets spin around Roundabouts

The city of Doha is the capital of Qatar and taking into consideration how small Qatar is, I can say Doha is Qatar. Of course there are other smaller areas outside Doha, but these are too small to be considered towns (They call it here “The External Areas”).

Doha roads are designed on the English style (which I personally hate). This means that everywhere there is always a roundabout. I understood from people here that roundabouts are supposed to replace signals to not make roads stop completely. But in my humble opinion roundabouts are not suitable for growing cities like Doha because once the roads are overloaded, everything gets blocked and the complete city “Literally” freezes.

Qatar Roundabouts

Camels in Qatar

Inherited from the Arab culture, Qataris love camels and horses. They buy the most expensive camels and hold races and tournaments each year where camel owners compete with each other in showing the power of their camels. Everyday on my way to work in the morning we drive beside the emir palace in the heart of Doha and there we see camel riders giving the camels of the emir their morning walk which makes a unique scene and gives an impression about the culture of the country.

Qatar Camels

Qatar and the dream of 2022

Qataris have the dream that they win the honor of being host of the FIFA world cup on 2022. Inspired by this global event the Qataris think of 2022 as a national goal and plans are revealed now for establishing magnificent stadiums in Doha and Qatar is hosting many international sports events each year to support its case

Qatar 2022




  1. tjirsto
    tjirsto May 26, 2012 at 5:18 am .
    Qatar is build by the hands of the white man. Everything civilized in this world is. – You’re just incredibly lucky that you’ve got all that oil. – From where does all the money, machines, engineers and even a lot of the workers, and so on come from? Europe and the US..

    If we withdrew from that sinkhole, it’ll collapse into looking like Morocco in a matter of ten years.

  2. tjirsto
    tjirsto May 26, 2012 at 5:21 am .
    Infact… Who invented the need for oil?
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